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29000 Quimper - France

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Creating a Production Company is always going to be an adventure.
You want to discover new horizons, you are ready to go into the wild,
you need to be the first one to get there. You are willing to create from scratch,
to take risks and disrupt the business.

Jean-François DIDELOT has done exactly that by building VICTORIMAGE on solid ground:
His reputation as Director of Photograpy, Grand Reporter and film Director.
Today, VICTORIMAGE is producing 360°, news, documentaries, music videos, commercials, corporate films, live events, magazines segments, fictions, for TV and the worlwide Web.

Our company likes to reinvent itself and is an early adopter of new technologies:
Full frame DSLR, stereoscopic rigs, drones, new postproduction workflows, 8K high resolution Red Digital Cinema cameras...
VICTORIMAGE shares its creative DNA with its founder: reinvention, innovation but strong editorial backbone and the courage to attack ambitious subject-matter.
There is a vision and it drives our company toward excellence and the better way to get result.